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Our People and Our Human Resources Principles

GFL believes that our employees are the biggest strength and most valuable asset and that our human resources play a pivotal role in realizing the Company’s strategic goals and achieve delivery targets as per the required quality and cost of all our products, within the framework of our operational excellence. The Company encourages an open and trustworthy environment, where our people are encouraged to contribute in their unique ways and support them with continuous learning and growth.

Driven by purpose, our people and our teams are fully empowered to excel in our fast-growing customer base across the globe. It is our continuous endeavour to attract the right talent, develop the right capabilities and skills, encourage them continuously by providing them the right culture and work environment so that they are inspired to bring out their best for achieving the company goals. We believe that building and sustaining a “high - trust and high – collaboration” workplace is essential for business delivery based on the “Guiding Principles for Human Resource Management at Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited”

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Our Commitment to Social Accountability

GFL is SA8000 certified.


Our Company believes in social accountability through constructive engagement marked by a spirit of collaboration between all stakeholders to improve community wellbeing and protect people’s rights. We believe in building constructive mutually rewarding long-term partnerships among different stakeholders, between government institutions and the people who represent them and citizens or the groups such as civil societies, that represent their interests.

Our Social Accountability goals are well defined.

Our goals

We ensure that we enforce our commitment to Social accountability through well-defined policies and procedures.

Social Accountability Policy Manual
Why GFL…

GFL is the place where you can bring your passion to work for creating a better business and a better world. You will get opportunity to work with the state-of-the-art technology and advanced products. The company gives you a wide canvass where you are encouraged to unleash your innovative spirit to make the business win and grow. Bring in your confidence to change status quo for the better, while you learn, grow and make a positive impact. This is the place for the self-initiated, people who step out of their comfort zone and strive to achieve something they have not hitherto.

We offer a job— we offer a calling - To build, to strive, to innovate, to contribute and to create a legacy. Not just to do things better, but to attempt things you've never done before.

Developing people and ensuring growth

For us, development is a continuous process. We provide not just class room training, but our learning extends also to experiential learning by way of special project assignments and through on-the-job trainings. Exposure to the latest technology though participation in cross functional teams including the technology suppliers and attending seminars and trade associations are regular part of our learing programs. Knowledge is also extended through e-learning platforms. We believe that as the organization grows, employees grow with it and thus the training and development need to change along with continuous update of skills. The dynamic nature of the markets requires our employee to constantly equip themselves with new skills and knowledge – the Company, thus, provides opportunities for constant upgradation of knowledge of our people.

With the growth of our product portfolio and increase in customer base across the globe, it has become imperative to create a talent pipeline of bright and young leaders. This ensures our growth plans are sustained through a continuous induction of well-groomed talent. Our Young Mind Career Development programs are designed to guide and support the most promising college graduates right from the start. Through our Leadership Trainee Scheme, Graduate Engineer Trainee Scheme and the Management Trainee Schemes we induct young minds who undergo a year-long well-planned and balanced training programme, where they not only exposed to the technical skills required for the future, but also exposed to various leadership training programmes and workshops. 360-degree development centers under the aegis of internationally renowned development agencies are tools we use to develop the leaders within.

Identification of leadership potential in the Company is done through our Role – Competency Continuum (RC2) model which defines what we expect from our leaders, providing a well-defined framework of the competencies which are vital to leading employees and ensuring business success in line with the corporate strategy and culture. Based on this framework, we identify high potential employees and undertake ‘fast track career growth’ for the HiPo.

Competency Framework

Our commitment is to “Build Tomorrow Leaders, Today”. This is reflected in our Mentoring Programme through which selected successes leaders of the Company are certified as Mentors who are assigned to identified mentees for building the leadership pipeline.

We believe in meritocracy, fairness and transparency in our performance evaluation and career advancement processes. Our “Career Ladder” gives a clear understanding on how and what will make you grow in the Company.

GFL Career Ladder

We are an ‘Equal Opportunity” employer and we believe in a fair and transparent process of selection based on meritocracy and suitability to identify the “Right Candidate” as we reach out to the talent market of men and women. The gender ratio in our Company has been steadily increasing and we now have place for young lady engineers in our Company. We celebrate diversity at our workplace on International Women’s Day and Mothers’ Day by felicitating our women employees across locations.

Life at GFL

We believe in ourselves, we trust each other, we are curious, we work in synergistic teams, challenge the normal and create the “new normal” through relentless execution and continuous innovation.

Through our “SpotOn” programme we identify people doing the right things and recognize them on the Spot and have a culture of “appreciation”. We also encourage employees to recognize their peer through the “Cheer the Peer” programme.

SpotOn winners

We believe that human brain is a fountainhead of all innovation and creativity. Our Quality Circles and 6 sigma teams work relentlessly to come out with the solutions. People are given platform to innovate. This culture of Inquest and problem solving has resulted in GFL employees excelling not only at their work but also at external forums. Five Quality Circle Teams from Dahej participated in the Quality Circle Competition in Gujarat and our teams won Gold and Silver medals at the State Level. Three teams, who qualified for the National level also won the Excellent Award out of 1400 teams across the Country. Today, GFL Dahej is a winner of the IMC Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality (IMC RBNQA) Award, which was achieved after a rigorous process of audits, training and evaluation.

Award winners

Employees are encouraged to give workplace improvement suggestions through the “Prayas” platform – an employee suggestion scheme across sites. For the Company, our employees are partners in our progress where the relationship is built on long term mutually gainful relationship build on trust and transparency. If you have an idea, then we have the ear to hear you out.

Prayas winners

We believe, that fun at workplace improves teamwork, builds trustworthy relationships and increases employee engagement. Across GFL, we celebrate togetherness. Family day and annual sports day are a few major celebrations across sites. We integrate families, we participate in city marathons and in competitive cricket tournaments. Employee talent shows are a regular feature in our work-life.

People activities

At GFL, your voice counts. To capture your voice, the Company conducts an annual employee satisfaction and employee effectiveness survey. We capture the feedback and ensure that actions are taken to address the concerns. We have come out with flexi-hours, extended weekends and various employee friendly initiatives based on the feedback. To be connected with the grassroots, we have CEO Town halls and Skip Level meeting across locations.

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Careers at GFL

Foundation of GFL’s Talent Acquisition strategy is that long term sustainable and profitable business growth is only possible when you bring together the right people who are energetic, ethical, and believe in giving their best even in the most challenging situations.

GFL is an equal opportunity employer. Qualified applicants are considered based on their skill and knowledge, relevant experience and cultural fit, without any consideration of ethnicity, religion, sex, geography or nationality, gender, disability or sexual orientation.

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